It Would Be Cool To Live In Hawaii

waikiki-plate-1564114Lately I have been wondering why my car is doing what it has been doing. I have been noticing that there is a little break noise when I Put on the headlights. That doesn’t make sense, right? Like you know how you lift the thing to turn on the lights? Mine makes a sound like it is breaking. I don’t know how else to explain it. I don’t think it is usual though and I”m going to go to a BMW repair business here and see if they can take a look at it. I like my car and I don’t know why this is happening. Most of the things I have found with my car have been great, like I will be looking through the book and see something new and be like hey, that’s a cool feature. So I’m really going to just be wanting to see if anyone can figure out what is happening with this. I think that I’m going to have to go there and see what they find because I don’t know what else I would do. Most of the things I know about my car are unrelated to this and that is why I can’t fix it at home. But this place should be able to. The only thing I don’t know is if I can just show up there or if I have to talk to them first.

I think that I will probably talk to them and see what they say. The other idea I had is that I am probably going to want to figure out why I was not sure how to fix it myself. I mean there is probably a few courses of action I could’ve taken but I don’t really know what they were. So that’s why I am going to have these people fix it instead. I just would like to be able to know what was going on. I think it’s probably a basic fix, it might just be a part in the control or something but I don’t know and that is why I am going to have them resolve it. But mostly I just want to make sure everything is working correctly. My car has been reliable other than that and I think that the only other thing I would probably change about it would be the stereo because it doesn’t sound quite as good as my previous one did but what are you going to because I don’t really have the desire to change it.

Changing Eye color

faces-1568614-639x851Some things that I wish that I knew more about were books and fashion. There are so many books that I want to read but I am not sure which ones are best. I don’t like starting a book and then realize it’s not great. So I can talk to people about it, but I feel like if I was more familiar with books it would be easier for me. Does that even sound right? Ok, the people I know that read a lot seem to know how to pick the greatest books.


Th e other thing is that I wish I knew more about style. Seriously, because I was thinking about changing the color of my eyes with contacts and then I was going to change my hair , too. But I was looking at some of the options available at some website my friend told me about to find the best Sclera contacts and I don’t even know what to pick. Do I go with something easy or something crazy. I don’t know. My ideas are basically that I think that the things I do will be good but then I won’t be happy doing them. That probably is why I don’t really make good decisions. When I want to do something I will ask everyone and I never know what to choose. So that is part of why I have been looking into all of this online and trying to see what is available. The biggest challenge I have is picking fashion choice s that look right. You see, I really don’t know much about getting good clothes. I really just get things that look alright but I never really do anything crazy in a good way. You know how you can dress a certain way and it is fine but it’s not really amazing? That is me. I want to be incredible. I would like to know more about it so I can do better things but I’m not entirely sure that I would do it the way I should so I don’t even try. I hate this. I wish I could go to the store and get all the awesome things and then I would be really up to date with everything and looking amazing. While things like that get figured out though I’m going to be staring at the people that know how to do it and wondering what would be the best way to do ti band I will be going to stores and checking them all out and thinking that I will get to the point where I can get some awesome fashion.

Finished Set

My backyard isn’t quite as mountainous as this.

My backyard isn’t quite as mountainous as this.

I’ve been looking at some of the furniture selections at various shops around here because I need to get something to put in my back yard.  I’ve got this big area and it’s just empty right now besides this one chair that I have out there and I don’t think that is how I want to leave things, so I’ve been taking a look at what is available.

The thing I’m finding is that there are more options than I expected.  There are some with different colored cushions and they look really nice but I’ve heard they fade if they get rained on.  It could be that they used a dye that doesn’t work very well or maybe ht person who told me was misinformed, but regardless of that I want to get something that is going to look nice.  The next big option I’ve faced with is how many pieces to get.  I’ve seen garden furniture that comes in a 3 set but I thin that since I already have one chair I should probably get 4 or 5.  I have guests come over and I figure we all need a place to sit and I don’t think that 3 would be enough.  If someone is standing they might feel left out.  So anyway, I was also looking at the illustration setup of cast iron garden furniture.  I think cast iron may be the right material because it should hold up to the rain pretty ok and it’s got a decent color to it.  The only thing i need to get in addition to all of that is a table for everyone sit at while we are eating.  So I think it’s really just an issue of finding the style and everything that I want to use and then going to order it or pick it up or whatever and that’s really all there is to it, although I should probably get the opinion of my significant other because that’s the other person who will be using it and you know how it can be if they aren’t happy with a big decision you make, but that’s a different topic altogether and I don’t even want to go there because this post is supposed to be about how I’m going to organize my partially displayed set of furniture and nothing else so I should probably get back on subject before I turn it into a rant about relationship issues and conflicts.

I Think We Are Gonna Move

My husband came home yesterday from work and dropped a bombshell on me. He told me that near the end of his workday his boss called him into his office and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. To make a long story short he was offered the position of Vice President of Sales for his company. The bombshell part of it is that the job is located in Texas which means we have to move there.

The good thing is that my own job allows me to work from home so it doesn’t really matter where I live. We also don’t have kids yet so it isn’t like we are uprooting any of our children from their friends or school. The somewhat bad news is that we know absolutely nobody there nor do we have a home lined up. I have been looking at homes and have seen a few nice ones but nothing is official yet. Like I said I just got this news last night so it has been a whirlwind 24 hours for both of us. The other good thing is we do have some time. We don’t have to move there until the beginning of September. That should give us enough time to get all of our ducks in a row so to speak.

One thing that I’m sure we both will have to get used to is the heat. It is hot here but nothing like it is there. I remember reading a story about last year’s summer where it said Texas had like two weeks straight of 100 degrees or more. That is just crazy but we’ll adjust. I told him that our new house will definitely have to have a pool and he agreed.

I will of course miss my friends and family but this is a great opportunity for us. I’m not going to say how much more he is going to be making but it is a figure where neither of us had to think twice about the decision. I’m also hoping that in time he can relocate back to where he works now in an even higher position. He said that is a possibility but first he has to succeed down there. I don’t think that will be a problem for him as he is great at what he does. That should be evident seeing as how they offered him the position in the first place.

A Situation With My Brother

My brother sent me this email:

“I am not in the best of moods today as I am slowly starting to realize just how much I screwed up last weekend. I was out with a bunch of friends and I’m not going to lie I was drinking then drove home. I wasn’t sloppy drunk though because I never drive when I’m like that. I’ll just sleep where I’m at or even in the backseat of my car before I would ever drive home like that. That being said I was still over the legal limit and when I got pulled over I knew I was in trouble. The cop told me he pulled me over because I was swerving which I don’t believe but whatever. I’ll have to ask my attorney about that when I see him next week.  I hope I can get this thing dismissed.

I really just don’t have the time or money to be dealing with this right now. I am working two jobs and taking night classes. I heard from my friend Ryan that I might have to do community service hours which would not be good for me. I barely have enough time to get 5 hours of sleep much less find the time to donate my time at a church or wherever else. That is small potatoes though compared to the monetary part of it. Just hiring an attorney is going to be pricey then I’m going to have to pay a court fine and fees and who knows what else. I’m just glad I didn’t cause an accident or anything like that because at least my insurance company won’t catch wind of this. That is something my lawyer already told me not to do and that is to contact them. I guess if you get a 2nd one they find out or at least that is how he made it sound. I’m just glad my insurance premium won’t go up because I pay enough on it now as it is. I got into a rather nasty accident a few years which was my fault and my rates skyrocketed after that. Supposedly they are going to go down after next year which can’t come soon enough as far as I am concerned.

That is about where I am at right now so thanks for reading if you got this far. I’m going to wrap this up and figure out how I’m going to pay for all this.”

I’m sure he will come out of this ok and will have learned a lot, too, but I’m glad it’s something he is going to be able to deal with and won’t do it again because I think he has learned that he can’t even take any chances when it comes to that.

Traveling Together

18 days until I’m down under in Australia. I am going there on vacation with my sister Kelly and started counting the days when it got under 100. I have a little tear off calendar at work and each day when I get there I rip off a page (or pages if it is a Monday) and it makes me smile. I have never been overseas before and can’t think of a better place to go for my first trip.

It was all Kelly’s idea so I can’t take credit for it. She is actually going there on business and asked if I wanted to tag along. She’s going to have a lot of free time so we will have plenty of time to explore and stuff. I know we are going on a tour of the Great Ocean Road which will be exciting.

I am going shopping this weekend and have a laundry list of things that I need to buy. Sunscreen tops the list because from what I have read online it is brutally hot there with little to no cloud cover. I also need a new bathing suit and want to buy a couple outfits to wear while I’m there. I figure I only go on vacation once a year and never to a place like this so I might as well make the most of it. I am also taking an empty suitcase with me because I know I will want to do some shopping while I’m there. I’m not sure of the exchange rate for Australia but hopefully it is in my favor. It is no big deal if not because I have been planning for this for a long time and have a nice little nest egg set aside. I also get my 2nd quarter bonus check next month which I am using for the trip. Kelly got a good deal through her employer for my flight. They paid for hers of course and are also paying for our lodging which is nice. I think it is great they allow a guest or family member to go with her but she said it is all about being safe. They don’t like sending their employees overseas by themselves.

Make sure you check back in a month or so and I will try my best to update this with how my trip went. I plan on taking a lot of pictures too although my camera skills are not the best.