Changing Eye color

faces-1568614-639x851Some things that I wish that I knew more about were books and fashion. There are so many books that I want to read but I am not sure which ones are best. I don’t like starting a book and then realize it’s not great. So I can talk to people about it, but I feel like if I was more familiar with books it would be easier for me. Does that even sound right? Ok, the people I know that read a lot seem to know how to pick the greatest books.


Th e other thing is that I wish I knew more about style. Seriously, because I was thinking about changing the color of my eyes with contacts and then I was going to change my hair , too. But I was looking at some of the options available at some website my friend told me about to find the best Sclera contacts and I don’t even know what to pick. Do I go with something easy or something crazy. I don’t know. My ideas are basically that I think that the things I do will be good but then I won’t be happy doing them. That probably is why I don’t really make good decisions. When I want to do something I will ask everyone and I never know what to choose. So that is part of why I have been looking into all of this online and trying to see what is available. The biggest challenge I have is picking fashion choice s that look right. You see, I really don’t know much about getting good clothes. I really just get things that look alright but I never really do anything crazy in a good way. You know how you can dress a certain way and it is fine but it’s not really amazing? That is me. I want to be incredible. I would like to know more about it so I can do better things but I’m not entirely sure that I would do it the way I should so I don’t even try. I hate this. I wish I could go to the store and get all the awesome things and then I would be really up to date with everything and looking amazing. While things like that get figured out though I’m going to be staring at the people that know how to do it and wondering what would be the best way to do ti band I will be going to stores and checking them all out and thinking that I will get to the point where I can get some awesome fashion.