What Are Other People Doing

Ok here’s the thing. I may have been accused of being a spy before. I mean, it definitely wasn’t an ex boyfriend and it definitely wasn’t me looking through his Instagram when he didn’t know I was. I mean, that definitely didn’t happen which is why I can describe it here. And that’s definitely not why we’re not dating anymore.

However, if I did find something, that could be the reason we broke up, so go me. I mean, if it happened.

So now that we’re clear, I completely like to look at things. As you know, some of the things we talk about here involve computer stuff and studious things. So one of the things I was surprised to learn exist is a website that lets you track website changes for your competitors. I mean, that’s pretty cool. It’s possible they don’t modify it very often but it’s possible they do. This is the kind of thing I would use. For real. I mean, I’ve really got my blog right now and another super protected thing I’m working on that I don’t really want to talk about, but you know, there are some things I probably need a service like that regarding.

But here’s the thing, and this is kind of what I wanted to talk about today.

Now you may ask, why would I be concerned with tracking my competitors? Well, I’m not. But the concept is… intriguing. Why? What if instead of tracking other people in your company, you could track people. Is that creepy? I think so.

You could essentially use this to keep track of what other people are up to and see if they make any modifications to their site or profiles or whatever. I mean, I get why this is a thing but I wonder if there are going to be laws placed on what you’re allowed to track. I figure someone could probably write a script that would do this anyway and you’d basically have no idea it was being done so this might be best to just stick with official channels.

WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM? I don’t know that it is. People have been doing this forever anyway, there’s just a way to do it online now. Businesses probably want to know what leaders are doing so they are going to record that. I don’t know. There might even be a humanistic use for this. I’m still trying to figure out what I think about this. Or if I have a use for it. Cuz I might. But maybe I shouldn’t talk about that here.