A Situation With My Brother

My brother sent me this email:

“I am not in the best of moods today as I am slowly starting to realize just how much I screwed up last weekend. I was out with a bunch of friends and I’m not going to lie I was drinking then drove home. I wasn’t sloppy drunk though because I never drive when I’m like that. I’ll just sleep where I’m at or even in the backseat of my car before I would ever drive home like that. That being said I was still over the legal limit and when I got pulled over I knew I was in trouble. The cop told me he pulled me over because I was swerving which I don’t believe but whatever. I’ll have to ask my attorney about that when I see him next week.  I hope I can get this thing dismissed.

I really just don’t have the time or money to be dealing with this right now. I am working two jobs and taking night classes. I heard from my friend Ryan that I might have to do community service hours which would not be good for me. I barely have enough time to get 5 hours of sleep much less find the time to donate my time at a church or wherever else. That is small potatoes though compared to the monetary part of it. Just hiring an attorney is going to be pricey then I’m going to have to pay a court fine and fees and who knows what else. I’m just glad I didn’t cause an accident or anything like that because at least my insurance company won’t catch wind of this. That is something my lawyer already told me not to do and that is to contact them. I guess if you get a 2nd one they find out or at least that is how he made it sound. I’m just glad my insurance premium won’t go up because I pay enough on it now as it is. I got into a rather nasty accident a few years which was my fault and my rates skyrocketed after that. Supposedly they are going to go down after next year which can’t come soon enough as far as I am concerned.

That is about where I am at right now so thanks for reading if you got this far. I’m going to wrap this up and figure out how I’m going to pay for all this.”

I’m sure he will come out of this ok and will have learned a lot, too, but I’m glad it’s something he is going to be able to deal with and won’t do it again because I think he has learned that he can’t even take any chances when it comes to that.