Here’s the Thing

I actually forgot I had this blog. I really desire to start writing in it again. Usually when I do something I go kind of crazy and concentrate on that exclusively but for some reason with this I was like I’ll do it later, and then I never did. So, here you go, updating, I guess, now I am going to talk about some cool things so I hope you guys are adequately prepared for this.

There are some new advances in technology that might be pretty cool. I don’t know. If you know me you know I’m not much of a tech person, I mean, I have a cell phone but that’s basically all I use. It reminds me of the Ali G episode that featured him talking about his friend who doesn’t use technology at all (he pronounced it as “techmology”), and then said you can view it on his website. Funny?

So this is basically what I am going to do. Stay tuned. You’ll see some nice stuff pertaining to me and the stuff that I’m into nowadays.